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We meet at 6:30 pm the second Monday of each month at Calvary Baptist Church 3732 NW Stallings Drive in Calvary Baptist Church  in Nacogdoches.  Membership is open to anyone willing to pay the annual dues of $20.00. Members are encouraged to attend meetings, participate in group activities and work on Guild Committees.


The purpose of this club shall be to provide a source of inspiration and information on quilting to anyone who is interested in all or any aspects of quilting.



   Nacogdoches and Beyond

The Nacogdoches Quilters Guild in cooperation with our Chamber of Commerce and the Convention and Visitors Bureau is proud to bring to the community and our neighbors our newly created barn quilt trail. You don't have to quilt and you don't have to have a barn! Simple block patterns on wood or metal decorate a house, barn, shed, mailbox, fence, etc. Barn quilts honor the unique American craft of patchwork quilting, and teach about quilting. It's a community based nation-wide folk art project whose purpose is to bring joy and happiness.


Check out  www.visitnacogdoches.org/barnquilt to follow the Trail.

Nacogdoches Quilters Guild

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